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Unique Services for Your Specialty:

  • Discharge Planners

    You may have dealt with facilities that routinely turn down more difficult cases. Transitions Healthcare is staffed and equipped to handle the level of acuity needed for complex care—helping make sure patients don’t have to return to the hospital. Our liaisons work with you, your patients and their families to expedite their transition smoothly. Our job is to make your job easier.

    Our proactive approach to discharge planning includes:

    • Evaluating and ordering home equipment
    • Family education
    • Referrals for home health services (including nursing, therapy and companion care)
    • Post-discharge follow up
  • Physicians: Credential Bylaws, Conduct and Ethics, Application

    The stronger the continuity with your treatment plan post-hospitalization, the better the outcome. Transitions Healthcare creates rehabilitation and skilled care programs that follow through on your orders, in our facilities and even after patients return home. Our care teams are especially skilled at complex cases, the kind typical nursing homes can’t handle.

  • Hospitals

    You want to cut readmissions for problems like COPD and chronic heart failure. We’re helping local hospitals achieving those results, creating programs that give strong continuity of treatment for patients post-hospitalization. We’re helping discharge planners make patient transitions easier, working closely with patients and families. Talk to us about new, proactive ways to address your top concerns.

Forming Partnerships

We form partnerships to create stronger continuity between the doctor’s treatment plan and rehabilitation, in our facility and after discharge. Our team excels at the complex medical challenges beyond the scope of other facilities.


  • Reduced length of stays
  • Improved outcomes

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